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Oracle recruiting 1,400 staff to support cloud push

Oracle is looking for more than 1,000 staff across Emea as it looks to ramp up its cloud sales abilities at a time when the channel is also on the hunt for talent

The pressure to find staff that have the ability to get to grips with the latest technology might have become slightly harder with the move by Oracle to attract those with cloud skills.

The decision by Oracle to hire more than 1,000 staff across Europe comes at a time when a fair few resellers are themselves looking to recruit to swell their ranks and support growth.

Oracle is looking for 1,400 people to come on board as cloud sales professionals operating out of Dublin, Amsterdam, Malaga, Prague, Cairo and Dubai.

The vendor has made it clear that as well as looking for people who live locally to those locations it is inviting anyone across the Emea region who has two to three sales experience or more to consider the positions.

“We are extending our sales force to support our customers through their digital transformation. Starting today we are hiring 1,400 sharp, ambitious inside sales professionals across Europe, the Middle East and Africa," said said Loic Le Guisquet, president, Oracle.

"I want socially savvy, switched on individuals who can help customers respond to the digital imperative and make their businesses future proof. We’re looking for people who want to be relevant to the biggest trends shaping business and technology. Anybody looking to make a real impact with their career in technology should come and join Oracle, The Cloud Company," he added.

The vendor has set up a dedicated website to handle the inquiries it anticipates will start flooding in once the jobs announcement is made public.

In an IT market that had become accustomed to the large vendors shedding staff and using the cloud often as an excuse to pare back parts of the business the Oracle move illustrates a more positive attitude in 2016.

The large number of recruits are meant to come on board and support Oracle's push into the cloud and support the investments that it has made over the course of last year.

Oracle has been redefining itself as a cloud player for the last 18 months and now has nearly all of its portfolio available, 600 applications, to be consumed by customers looking for an off premise option.

The cloud now represents not far off 10% corporate revenue and is climbing as the traditional software licenses and maintenance parts of the business continued to decline.

"Oracle has very rapidly reinvented itself as a cloud software provider.  A year and a half into its formal transition and nearly the entire portfolio is available in the cloud—now the challenge is to translate that same change in revenue," stated Meaghan McGrath, analyst at Technology Business Research.

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