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HPE hands ISVs a chance to reach enterprises with Cloud28+

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has cut the ribbon on its Cloud28+ catalogue of services to appeal to enterprise customers across Europe

If there is one group of people that are meant to have benefited from the general move towards the cloud it is the developer community.

The growth of platforms from major vendors that provide the option for additional apps is providing ISVs with more outlets for their expertise.

Last month, Microsoft claimed that those that chose to put apps on its Windows store were gaining improved revenues as a result of their backing for the OS.

John O'Callaghan, EMEA OEM director at Microsoft, provided an insight into just how the ISV community was witnessing improving levels of demand through the vendor's app store.

"We now have more traffic coming to the Windows store than ever before. For the developers it is creating a great opportunity and we are seeing six times more downloads than we did with Windows 8 and developers are making four times more revenue through the Windows 10 platform than they did with Windows 8," he said last month.

AWS has also been keen to get more developers involved with its software marketplace with the firm encouraging ISVs to view it as another route to reach customers.

The latest to provide developers with a chance to reach customers is Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which cuts the ribbon on its Cloud28+ cloud catalogue for Europe.

Cloud28+ has been beta testing since October and has already gained support from 150 partners with a total of 680 services available on the platform.

More than 1,000 customers have pre-registered to take the catalogue on launch from today and have the ability as part of the service to search for specific data centre locations and services that they want to purchase.

The catalogue

The Cloud28+ catalogue covers a fairly wide range of areas that customers might be looking for some help, including data management, end-user productivity, business apps, digital marketing, software development and security.

The plan is to add additional categories and dedicated vertical market solutions in the months ahead.

“The launch of the Cloud28+ catalogue is an important milestone on the journey to a European Digital Single Market,” said Xavier Poisson, Hybrid IT vice president for Emea.

“Cloud services are fundamental for the growth of the digital economy, and now customers across the EU’s 28 member states and beyond have a single source of hundreds of cloud services that enable them to transform to a hybrid infrastructure," he added.

One of those that has signed up is compliance specialist Zettabox and its founder James Kinsella said that the Cloud28+ platform would provide it with a chance to sell to a pan-European community.

As well as encouraging ISvs to put their apps on the service HPE is also keen to see its customers also sharing their IP and posting the fruits of the labours of the IT department.

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