Prepare for the IoT storm now, warns Virtus

With more connected devices than human beings on the planet, data centre provider VIRTUS is warning businesses to prepare for the data avalanche that's to come

The director of product strategy at Virtus has warned that as the IoT becomes more achievable, businesses need to prepare for the avalanche of data that is to come.

Following the Chancellor’s recent Budget pledge of £40m investment in the Internet of Things (IoT), Matthew Larbey is warning businesses that the time to prepare is now.

“Today, the majority of data centre traffic is self-generated by applications hosted on servers in the facility or communicating with other data centres. However, as Machine to Machine (M2M) communication increases, the impact on the data centre will be huge,” Larbey warned.

While M2M has been around for many years, the data centre specialist said that recent technological advancements had made the road to market for IoT much more achievable.

A recent Forrester report stated that by 2017, 82% of companies would be using IoT applications in some form or another.

"This is a pretty significant number and gives a good indication of the rate data will continue to grow at as more and more businesses increase their focus and rollout of IoT technologies," Larbey said.

“The water is starting to creep over the dam, and businesses who don’t act now to ensure they have the right infrastructure strategies in place may find themselves flooded with far too much data than they know what to do with.”

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