Google takes anti-piracy steps

Google has made changes to its search process to give lower rankings to those sites that infringe on copyright

Google is making moves to make it harder for surfers to find illegal material by downgrading pirate material that come up in searches.

The search engine giant has made the move partly to placate Hollywood but there should be a beneficial impact for those trying to defend software copyright.

The measures to try and reduce piracy come into effect from today and Google states on a company blog that it will base the response to sites based on the number of copyright removal notices it has received.

"Since we re-booted our copyright removals over two years ago, we’ve been given much more data by copyright owners about infringing content online," the Google blog stated.

"In fact, we’re now receiving and processing more copyright removal notices every day than we did in all of 2009—more than 4.3 million URLs in the last 30 days alone. We will now be using this data as a signal in our search rankings," it added.

The onus is still on those that believe their copyright has been violated to protest to file a notice of infringement with the search engine giant.

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