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UKFast flexing public sector muscle

The firm has seen its public sector business increase and now believes it can challenge some of the household names for more market share

UKFast is flexing its public sector muscles and starting to take on some well established competitors as it looks for more government business.

The firm has reported a tripling of public sector revenues on the back of its purchase of Secure Information Assurance (S-IA) earlier this year.

Some of the deals that have been sealed include a £250,000 deal with the Cabinet Office, a £500,000 deal with software development service CDS and a £266,000 deal with enterprise mobility management provider Nine23.

Given its growth the firm now feels it can pose a serious challenge to some of the household US names and other public sector players like UKCloud.

“Government and the public sector is a major growth area for UKFast. Our acquisition of S-IA was timely, and with it comes relationships with organisations including the MoD, Cabinet Office and other high-profile government departments," said UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones.

“We're ensuring the government knows there is a better British cloud alternative, more aligned to the needs of the great people of this country," he added that it was clear that the data was being looked after here.

“They get all this for less, and at the same time, the money spent with us stays onshore, not lining the pockets of the two richest men in the world. Buying British is positive for our economy and it starts with government leading the way," he said.

Martin Knapp, head of public sector at UKFast, said that it had continued to build on the acquisition of S-IA and had invested in the systems that were required by health, defence and central government customers.

“That investment is reflected in a clear growth in the number and scale of the projects we're being asked to deliver. The UK public sector is seeing us as an increasingly credible alternative," he said.

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