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Cisco works with Police to hit Kent counterfeiters

The networking firm has worked with the Police to take thousands of pounds worth of counterfeit networking products out of circulation

Police have seized more than 1,000 counterfeit pieces of networking equipment in a raid in Kent that should make a dent in the number of illegal Cisco products circulating the UK market.

The City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) executed a search warrant at an address in Herne Bay in Kent on Tuesday that ended with the seizure of a a significant number of counterfeit items that would have been sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The PIPCU operation involved Cisco's support and two individuals were interviewed under caution and the investigation continues.

Cisco kicked off the operation as it looked to defend its intellectual property and ensure that the fake products, which could easily fail once deployed by customers, were not going to cause disruption for partners and users.

“We greatly value our working relationship with PIPCU and our joint efforts to ensure counterfeit products do not reach end-user installations, where they have the potential to seriously impact both the security and operational integrity of business-critical networks," said Neil Sheridan, Director of Brand Protection at Cisco.

"This latest action has taken a significant volume of counterfeit products out of circulation and provides a vast amount of evidence and insight into others who are trading illegally. We are delighted with our co-operation with PIPCU and look forward to continuing our work together," he added.

PIPCU highlighted the latest joint operation as an example of how it could effectively work with the IT industry to crack down on criminals.

“We work closely with our partners to protect both their reputations and the consumer, taking action against those who commit intellectual property crime," said Detective Sergeant Kevin Ives, of PIPCU.

“The success of this operation has stopped organisations and companies from potential harm, should they have bought and used the counterfeit items," he added.

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