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Channel vital to Xerox growth ambitions

Xerox has been actively reaching out to partners over the past few months and shows no signs of slowing down that activity as it looks to increase its reseller numbers

Xerox is determined to grow its channel base and after a series of events has a pipeline of potential candidates that could sign up with the vendor.

The firm has been actively courting partners launching a range of printers designed specifically to be handled by the channel and pitched to the SME market and the launch of an event in a box option for those resellers planning to reach out to customers.

The convergence between the copier world and the IT dealer network has been a trend in the industry for the last few years and continues to be a source of growth for printer vendors looking to reach out to those tying to expand their products and solution set.

"Channel expansion is a key part of our growth strategy. By the time we get to the end of July we will have probably run six different partner engagement events where we would have engaged with around 50 potential new partners in the first seven months of this year in both the A3 production space and the A4 space as well. There are a lot of partners that don't do business with Xerox that like the brand and the value proposition and are looking to partner with us to add to their offering into the marketplace," said Carlo Longhi, director & general manager, indirect channels UK & Ireland at Xerox.

"The new products that we have launched, which is the biggest product launch in any single year, and the added capability of those products is a big attraction for partners. We have a pipeline of partners that we are having very positive conversations with," he said.

Xerox plans to continue reaching out to the channel through the next few months and with its Future of Work events in a box it hopes that resellers will hold their own discussions with customers.

"There is massive interest and in the third quarter we will put in some more events for our bigger partners and we have put an event in a box for our channel partners to do their own events," he added "Many of our reseller partners are multi-brand and they are working with a number of vendors and they are happy to explore opportunities working with Xerox and take us as another manufacturer."

"Channel is an important part of our growth objective and a key part of our UK strategy," he added.

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