Microsoft bulks out Surface Hub reseller roster

Microsoft has added 15 resellers to the list of those authorised to sell its commercial touch screen Surface Hub technology

Microsoft continues to put some muscle behind iuts efforts to get the Surface Hub out into more offices recruiting an additional 15 resellers to carry the technology.

The vendor has been busy bringing distribution on board and back in February kicked off the Surface Hub Value Added Distributors Programme for Opportunity Resellers, which is supporting sales of its large touchscreen product, working with Maverick initially to sell the hardware as a service.

The latest update on the progress of the firm's efforts afound the Surface Hub is the addition of 15 resellers that will be given the opportunity to sell the screens and accessories.

Those resellers chosen to join the ranks of those authorised to sell the kit, including Capita and eBECS, have a background in audio, visual and communications.  

“The Surface Hub ecosystem is growing every day, and our partners play an essential role in that growth by helping organisations implement new, innovative workplace collaboration strategies and communicate with colleagues across geographies,” says Danielle Crayton, senior product marketing manager at Microsoft UK.

“Surface Hub is a new breed of collaboration tool, designed to unlock the power of any group and their ideas in real time. This ultimately leads to better solutions and results, regardless of whether teams are in the same room or spread across the globe," she added.

Paul Morris, managing director of Capita, Intelligent Buildings Practice, said that it was always looking for products that would help users be more effective.

“Our ambition at Capita is to bring end users’ experience into the 21st century and embrace the developing role of multimedia technology to support and enable all employees,” he said.

Kevin Hall, managing director and owner of eBECS, said that Surface Hub improved the way staff collaborated and gave more flexibility to those working remotely.

The latest recruits

Microsoft stated: We have added 15 new partners to the Hub partner program, 5 new Microsoft Surface Hub ADRs (listed below). We have also added 10 new partners via our Value Added Distributors Program for Opportunity Resellers (VAD-OR) with our UK distribution partner, Maverick Tech Data.

New Microsoft Surface Hub ADR partners include:

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