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Kaseya boss reacting to evolving MSP market

Fred Voccola has been in the hot seat at Kaseya for almost two years and has witnessed changes and constant evolution during that time

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"You must be comfortable with change," is a view about the managed services market that sums up the attitude that those looking to excel in that space have to follow.

The comment was made by Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola who is witnessing an explosion of interest from the SME market in the managed services approach and is keen to get its tools in the hands of more MSPs.

He has been with the vendor for about 20 months and in that time has focused the efforts on developing a model that works on the basis that MSPs generate plenty of income. The firm has to make it easy and attractive to sell licenses to keep the growth it has seen coming in.

That growth has been impressive with revenues in 2016 up by around 32% and profit margins of more than 20% and the targets for 2017 are higher.

"We are seeing transformative change in SMEs," he added "Technology that used to only be available for the enterprise has become simpler and more consumable so SMEs can leverage it."

"The consumption of technology by SMEs means that the MSP market is massively growing and the speed of that tidal wave is moving even faster," he added "SMEs are stpening an increasing portion of their revenue on technology, because they can get more value from it. The types of technologies that they want to consume are going to evolve. They will want to consume what they do today and additional things."

That sense of ongoing change is the crux of what makes a good MSP. Endpoint management will always be there but there are several other areas that need to be covered that have evolved beyond the standard agent on a desktop running things like patch management and backup.

"What we think small and mid size businesses are going to need is five or six key things. The first is endpoint management because they are not going anywhere and they are increasing," he said.

"Security is now much more important to a small business than it was four years ago. Compliance is more important because governments around the world are recognising that small to mid size businesses are proliferating and they need to regulate them more. The cloud has also to be factored in and we think that is very opportunistic for MSPs," he added.

As a result Kaseya has extended its focus beyond endpoint management and now includes support for the network, compliance and security with plans for something on the cloud front coming shortly.

"We see our job at Kaseya is to provide a platform that will help MSPs to make a lot of money and be incredibly successful and for the Kaseya MSPs to be the dominant ones in the market," he said that it would continue to develop the business to keep that support for partners going.

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