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Veeam expecting channel boost after joining HPE Complete Programme

Veeam has joined the HPE Complete Programme giving it access to thousands more resellers and a significant amount of fresh customers

Veeam has seen its partner numbers grow at various stages of its existence thanks in part to the alliances it has made with other vendors and the access that has gioven them to a wider reseller base.

The firm started by focusing on virtualisation and VMware environments and grew a channel base that could handle both product sets. Then when Microsoft increased its involvement with Hyper V there was a chance to extend the product support and bring on board partners that could operate in that environment.

The vendor, which is now offering backup to virtual, physical and cloud platforms, is expecting the same to happen again now it has formally got involved with HPE's Complete Programme.

From an HPE perspective the firm is now able to offer storage and servers with Veeam's availability message enabling customers to deliver a 24/7 operation.

Peter McKay, president and COO of Veeam, said that HPE had a much larger channel and customer base and all of those partners and users could now be potentially selling and using its products.

The move to get involved with the Complete Programme is part of the firm's wider ambitions to carve out more of a footprint in the enterprise market.

"In SMB we are very well estalished and now we are looking to look at the enterprise market," he added "HPE Complete programme takes Veeam to more customers."

"The opportunity for us is not to lose sight of the SMB and commercial markets but to open up and get much more aggressive in the enterprise world," he added.

The move into enterprise has been preceded by Veeam making sure it has the tools that are needed with the firm making the concious move in its 9.5 product release to support backup of physical as well as virtual environments.

"There is still that physical world and not everbody is moving [to the cloud]," he added that there would continue to be a "legacy opportunity" for resellers to target.

McKay also gave an update on the progress of the vendor's efforts to work with more MSPs with the executive describing it as the fastest growing area of its channel. He said that efforts started back in 2015 to increase numbers of partners involved with its programmes had delivered.

He said that the cost of DR as a Service had dropped and more MSPs were looking to add the option to the portfolio they could put in front of customers.

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