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Huawei focusing on supply chain green credentials

The Chinese telco giant has been talking about sustainability and its plans to make sure the supply chain is doing its bit

It has been a few years since the idea of the environment and caring for the planet encroached heavily into the world of IT sales.

Before the recession hit in 2008 it was very topical to talk about how technology impacted on the planet and the need for green supply chains.

With the downturn the task became one of business survival with concerns about planetary survival being put to one side.

Not at Huawei though, with the telco firm continuing to aim for lofty ambitions of improving sustainability in its products.

The firm has provided an update on the progress it made last year and revealed that the plans for 2016 include ensuring it has a sustainable supply chain.

It might have been a while since resellers have thought much about carbon footprints but that might be back on the agenda if they are part of the Huawei ecosystem.

“Business growth is not our only goal, as we are equally committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities and pursuing sustainable development. We hope to join hands with our partners to build a harmonious business environment and for a Better Connected World,” said Kevin Tao, chairman of Huawei’s Corporate Sustainability Development (CSD) Committee.

“With the rapid change in technology development, the way of technology application is ever evolving. Our stakeholders are placing increasingly high requirements on us, and we are striving to turn these challenges into competitive advantage," he added.

This year the vendor is focusing on trying to bridge the digital divide as well as making sure it's supply chain is on board with its aims.

Tao said that it would be, "continuing the supplier energy conservation and emissions programs to build a greener global supply chain".

Huawei is not just about words and it is good on actions as well with 2015 showing some progress on the sustainability front.

The firm reported that it had provided reliable communication for close to 3bn people worldwide and made sure networks remained functioning during more than 130 major events and natural disasters.

The firm has also been looking to help deal with the skills gap with its ‘Seeds for the Future’ programme. Last year it worked with 15,000 people in 67 countries. 

"In addition to boosting business efficiency and enriching people’s lives, ICT is transforming societies in ways that create economic opportunities, protect the environment, and make our world more sustainable," said Tao.

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