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Syscap to focus exclusively on the channel

Following a strategic shift by its parent the finance specialist Syscap will make its focus 100% channel

Syscap has always been a name associated with the provision of finance in the channel and it will become even more so following its move to become a focused subsidiary of Wesleyan Bank.

The move comes slightly more than a year after Syscap was acquired by the Wesleyan Group and gives some clarity to the areas the firm will operate in.

From today those Syscap customers in education, general SME and professions, including its established legal sector business, will be directed towards the Wesleyan Bank brand.

The Syscap brand will concentrate solely on the channel and be offering financial solutions for its vendor partners and resellers.

All of the potential areas that the channel might look for support are covered by Syscap, from software, hardware and support, with the firm also having extended its schemes over the last few years to help those struggling with the managed services model.

“Syscap has been at the forefront of the IT finance industry for over 25 years. More recently, we have seen a real shift from vendors simply thinking of finance as a way to overcome budget objections to using it to drive other buyer behaviour, from transitioning to SaaS models or encouraging customers to lock into longer term support and maintenance contracts," said Philip White, managing director of Syscap.

Since the deal went through last February there has also been more investment put into Syscap's partner portal to make it easier for the channel to get a quick idea of how financing might work for them, as well as providing training and marketing materials.

“We are now able to offer more focused support to our partners from a larger software development team behind our vendor portal right through to credit, business administration and front line account management," added White “This is enabling us to run more successful sales and marketing engagements which are helping IT vendors and resellers remove potential barriers to sale and close more deals.”

Existing Syscap customers will not see any changes to their payment agreements following the strategic refocusing.

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