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Network complexity the customer pain point

In the past a networking reseller might have sold more bandwidth to help customers but now the focus is to help deal with the complexity

Helping customers cope with the infrastructure they already have is now the most pressing issue that resellers will be facing, rather than being asked to roll out more bandwitdh.

In the past customers might have taken a view that adding more capacity to the network was the answer but with trends like the cloud and BYOD the focus now is on trying to make sense of just what is happening in the current environment.

The advice coming from Claranet is for the channel to help customers manage the networking challenges that plague businesses now as they try to cope with a greater reliance on connectivity.

“The past twenty years of network development have completely changed the ways in which businesses interact with and use the internet. Availability of bandwidth is constantly increasing and costs have gone down, providing businesses with more capacity than ever before to support a variety of services from different locations. However, with the proliferation of devices and cloud-driven applications, it is increasingly important to manage and monitor the flow of data, ensuring that availability, performance and security are optimal," said Michel Robert, UK managing director at Claranet.

He added that the speed of progess had been rapid as customers moved from a point a decade ago when bandwitdh was more expensive and as a result large scale networks were much less common.

Those years might have been blighted by the user struggling to get connected from home on a VPN and corporate servers not always being able to deliver a high performance, but for the network manager they were fairly simple ones.

“Today, significant volumes of traffic flow back and forth to applications and devices both inside and outside of a business’s wide area network with greater resilience. To exploit the increases in bandwidth and to efficiently manage business’s network estate, providers are investing in software-defined networks, addressing the vital strategic role of the network and not simply treating it as a commodity,” added Robert.

If there are problems now for network managers things are only going in one direction as more devices are connected.

Before the CEO keynote at the Mitel Next event in Berlin started yesterday the vendor, which is pitching itself as an expert in the mobility space, shared its predictions about the growing pressure on the infrastucture.

The firm stated that by next year 90% of organisations would support BYOD and by 2019 there would be 8.2bn mobile ready devices. Global mobile data is expected to increase tenfold between 2014 and 2019.

Rich McBee, CEO of Mitel, said that many firms had yet to integrate their mobile and enterprise strategy and there was an opportunity to help them make the links that would improve their services to customers and staff.

"You know 83% of companies do not have a mobile strategy. They have an enterprise strategy and they have somewhat of a strategy for mobility but they don't have a strategy of how they can link the two together," he said.

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