Lenovo and Syscap mark milestones

It's been 10 years since Lenovo acquired IBM's PC business and a quarter of a century since Syscap started trading

It's time to get out the streamers, light the candles and strike up a verse of happy birthday because this week marks a couple of anniversaries that have had quite an impact on the channel.

The cards emblazoned with the number 10 are for Lenovo, which is celebrating a decade since it acquired IBM's PC business, and the balloons with the 25 are for Syscap, which has been operating in the finance market for a quarter of a century.

For Lenovo the last decade has seen it rise from a firm that not too many had heard of that commanded a 2.3% market share and ninth position in the PC vendor rankings. Now it is in pole position and is looking for similar success in the server world having picked up IBM's x86 business.

“The acquisition of IBM’s PC business transformed Lenovo overnight into a truly global company, changing not only Lenovo but our industry,” said Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO, Lenovo.

“Since then, we have overcome many challenges – and many doubters – to become the world’s leading PC company and one of the world’s most innovative personal technology companies.  Even more, this acquisition built the foundation for our expansion to new products like smartphones, tablets, servers and now our ecosystem, growth engines fueled by the success of our first big deal," he added.

Over at Syscap they are also celebrating having developed a channel finance proposition and kept delivering it through some fairly though economic times with a couple of recessions happening during its 25 years of business.

Earlier this year the firm started its latest chapter after being acquired by the Wesleyan Group and is looking to use that backing to deliver finance offerings to more channel players.

“Unlike the banks we offer flexibility in finance and lending,” said Philip White, managing director of Syscap. “These days most businesses need finance for very genuine reasons – either to grow, save, manage cash flow or innovate. We’ve always been successful by listening to why our customers need finance and giving them the appropriate solution.”

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