Evolution rather than revolution the best approach to some cloud wary users

The experience of Intermedia and its reseller partner Abussi has been to take things slowly with customers that fear change with the advent of cloud

The channel needs to opt for evolution rather than revolution to help those customers fearful that making a move to the cloud will completely transform their business.

Along with security worries the other main factor that often causes delays to the implementation of cloud computing projects is a cultural resistance based on a desire to avoid changing the existing environment.

To avoid those problems, which can be fairly significant, the channel can deliver systems that provide the same look and feel and the same user experience.

"We make sure that it doesn't look any different, with the same physical look and feel and end user experience. Apart from those people that need to know we don't want it to look different. A lot of customers assume moving to the cloud means a complete transformation," said Craig Sharp, managing director at Abussi.

The cloud specialist has also found that there are age differences with those leaders running small firms, with generation Y being much more open to adopting hosted services.

"In our industry there is a belief that those customers under the age of 30 there isn't a big difference between a product as a cloud service but over the age of 41 it takes quite a lot of education," he said.

Aidan Simister, director of sales, Intermedia EMEA, said that although the concept of the cloud was becoming more widely understood and the need for education had reduced, there was still a need to calm customer fears and take them carefully into a hosted environment.

"Going to the cloud it can be a case of if they can see it they can believe it and it can be psychological," he added that delivering the service from a local trusted partner made it even easier for the customer "The vast majority of businesses in the UK will prefer to buy from someone local."

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