Even with the cloud keeping it local counts

In theory data could reside almost anywhere in a cloud world but customers still want to keep it local for peace of mind according to Node4

The cloud provides users with an opportunity to host their data almost anywhere but the desire to keep things local is a major factor for customers choosing their data centre provider.

Over the past year a trend from users to buy local and keep their data local has emerged and that has now been backed up by some empirical evidence from cloud infrastructure player Node4.

When the firm quizzed those that attended an open day at its Derby data centre the majority stated that the reason why a local facility would appeal was because it gave peace of mind.

When asked 80% said that backing up data near their offices was something that appealed and a slightly higher number indicated that they were planning to use more cloud services in the near future. A quarter of those quizzed also expressed a reluctance to put their data overseas citing trust in suppliers as an issue.

The implications for resellers are fairly profound giving them the option to provide a local alternative to some of the public cloud options provided by the internet giants.

"While companies now appreciate the merits of cloud-based computing, they still like to know exactly where their data is. They don’t want highly sensitive company information to be on a server that could be anywhere in the world. They want the peace of mind that their infrastructure is stored in a nearby location and access to a local support team should the worst happen," said Paul Bryce, business development director at Node4.

He added that more customers were starting to appreciate what the cloud offered and recognised it was a driver for growth providing a flexibility in the IT infrastructure.

“Savvy organisations understand and appreciate the business benefits that a cloud-based solution can bring to their organisation. Not only does it deliver cost-savings but it can support business growth, giving employees access to state-of-the-art technology that was once the preserve of blue chips,” he added.

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