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Smart home spending on the rise

Numbers from Context have revealed spending on smart homes should rise this year

The distributors have forged the vendor links and built the practices and the resellers have been altered to the opportunity and it seems that smart home spending is on the rise.

Over the past 18 months Exertis, Tech Data and some of the other mainstream distributors have been signing up smart technology vendors aiming at both commercial and consumer ends of the market.

According to analyst house Context the spending at the consumer end of the market is going to rise in the next 12 months with users looking to spend more on smart home products.

The UK, along with Germany, is leading the way in the adoption of technologies that will give them access to a range of services from smart lightining to heating.

One of the key areas is around voice control technology with a third of users planning to spend between £150 and £250 on products, up from 18% last year.

Although the initial contact that many users have with voice activated systems is through the Amazon Echo or Google Home the more specialised vendors being supported by the channel are some of the logical next steps for those looking to build a smart home.

“There’s still some way to go yet”, said Adam Simon, Global Managing Director at Context. “Although UK consumers are considered the most internet-savvy in Europe, evidenced by strong online banking and media catch-up penetration, just 9% currently control their home remotely, according to the study.”

Security remains a major concern for users and is something that resellers could also help with to encourage more adoption of tools from specialists who are helping customers with their tech installation.

Those resellers worried that the smart home ship is sailing will be comforted by Simon's view that it is early days, which echoes the views of Gartner expressed earlier this year.

The assessment of the market from the analysts means that the channel still has the time to develop skills and vendor relationships in the smart home area. Gartner estimates that current adoption rates are around the 10% mark,

Gartner took a look at the UK, US and Australia and found that America was ahead in adoption because the concept had been out there longer but there had been some movement here as the technology begins to gain popularity.

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