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Vodafone accredits over 100 partners in the channel programme

Vodafone's new partner programme places emphasis on training and service excellence

Vodafone UK today announced that more than 100 partners have been accredited in the first phase of its new channel programme.

The new partner programme, which comes into effect on 1 January 2017, aims to boost capabilities and operational standards across Vodafone’s Total Communications solutions.  For the first time, partners will be able to achieve certification across the fixed, mobile, converged and cloud portfolio of technologies.

The carrier said that partners will gain access to an ‘unprecedented level of training’, and technology expertise for Vodafone’s Total Communications solutions.

“From unified communications to the Internet of Things, digital technologies are enhancing the way businesses and public services work,” said Nick Birtwistle, director of Partners and Strategic Alliances at Vodafone UK. “This is driving transformation in the design and delivery of communications infrastructure and services, and demand for converged solutions."

“We have designed our new programme to equip our partners with the highest-levels of training and support around our portfolio of technologies. We believe this will help them to take a leading position in this new era of communications and provide continued service excellence for customers.”

“We’re delighted to announce the first partners to our programme and will continue to work with the many others who are aiming to qualify for the programme ahead of our second accreditation date in June,” he added.

Vodafone said that it was intentionally moving away from traditional tiered model. The new programme will recognise partners with four new status categories: Total Communications; Advanced; Specialist; and Approved. Features of the new Vodafone Partner Programme include and new partner portaltraining and certification materials and a marketing toolkit.

To achieve accreditation partners are required to pass stringent assessment, in line with new customer support criteria, as well as making committed investment to skills and training.  

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