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Samsung bolsters its IoT credentials

Samsung has used the IFA event in Berlin to underline its belief that the world is ready for IoT products and services

There has already been a few headlines coming out of the IFA event in Berlin with Intel choosing it as the venue to launch the first of its 6th Gen processors and the spotlight continued to fall on the event as a result of Samsung showing off its latest response to the Internet of Things.

This is not the first time that Samsung has talked up its potential role in delivering IoT products and solutions and it used its keynote session at the Consumer Electonics Show (CES) in Vegas at the start of the year.

Back in January the firm's chief executive Boo Keun Yoon said that those who thought that the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) were much mistaken and the dawn of a new era was already here and it would be reacting with the launch of more smart products.

"Many people believe that the internet of things is in the distant future but it is not," he said back in January "The age of the internet of things has already started but to unlock its benefits we have to prove its benefits in real life. It has the potential to transform our economy, our society and how we live our lives."

A couple of days shy of nine months on from that speech the firm has used its presence at IFA to launch some IoT products.

“For Samsung, IFA 2015 is all about the Internet of Things. We are certain that IoT will revolutionise the world of consumer electronics, and this is our opportunity to update you on how far we have come in just a year,” said Dr W.P. Hong, chief marketing officer for Samsung Electronics.

“Every year, Samsung sells more than 300 million products to European consumers. Today, our products are used by 85 million Europeans - at home, and increasingly at work. No organisation is better placed to ensure that the latest industrial revolution is driven not by technology, but by people’s expectations. Our vision is of an IoT that’s ‘In Sync With Life’, that’s an IoT for you," he added.

What that means in terms of products is sarting to take shape with Samsung taking the wraps off a SmartThings smart home monitor that allows users the chance to access video monitoring that gives the chance to monitor unexpected events.

There was also a solution for those looking for a god night's sleep. Instead of thumbing through instruction manuals until the eyes tire Samsung has developed the SleepSense. The flast disk sensor goes under the mattress and tracks the user's heart rate and movements during sleep.

There should be more coming and the aim of Samsung is to lean on the existing products that consumers might already have, ranging from smart phones to TVs.

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