Data centre complexity a growing problem

The latest state of the nation report from Symantec has discovered that customers are struggling to cope with increasing data centre complexity

Resellers could have a major role to play in helping users simplify data centres as more customers tale steps to improve the efficiency of their infrastructure.

The desire for simplification comes against a backdrop of both increasing complexity and downtime as a result of human errors.

Symantec discovered in its latest sate of the market research that 44% of firms thought that mobile computing had added to the strain and the typical organisation suffered 16 outages in the past year costing around £3.15m.

As more business applications become mission critical the pressure on the data centre is mounting and the fear of getting wrong could hold some firms back.

"As today's businesses generate more information and introduce new technologies into the data centre, these changes can either act as a sail to catch the wind and accelerate growth, or an anchor holding organisations back," said Brian Dye, vice president, information intelligence group at Symantec.

"The difference is up to organisations, which can meet the challenges head on by implementing controls such as standardisation or establishing an information governance strategy to keep information from becoming a liability," he added.

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