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Marketplaces, AI and regional growth on Couchbase priorities list

Couchbase’s channel executive is looking to expand the reach of the business and provide partners with more routes to market

The channel leadership at Couchbase is taking steps to ensure it can connect with partners across various emerging cloud marketplaces. Hyperscalers, distributors and vendors have been developing and promoting marketplaces offering partners a different route to market.

Matt McDonough, senior vice-president of product and partners at cloud database specialist Couchbase, said that it was monitoring the situation to make sure it had all bases covered.

“The main trend we are observing is the prevalence of cloud marketplaces as critical to the customer buying process,” he said. “With this, independent service vendors are working on power of three initiatives to align their services with a cloud partner and a system integrator. As well as helping to take new joint solutions to market, these initiatives can also help to drive transactions of joint solutions through the marketplace.”

As a result, Couchbase is ensuring it continues to extend its significant relationships with the three main cloud service providers.

McDonough said that it was working with the wider channel community to its technology embedded in more customer offerings: “[We are] supporting our independent software vendor partners as they build applications to take to market on Couchbase. [We are also growing our] system integrators partnership ecosystem that continues to support customers with custom application development and large scale transformations”

The other priority for the firm this year will see more regional partnerships to deliver market relevant solutions. McDonough added that there are opportunities opening up around artificial intelligence and the emerging channel ecosystem that was specialising in that area.

He described expanding its artificial intelligence (AI) and technology ecosystem as one of the areas of investment across 20224, “to support our customers with best-in-class complementary technologies that extend the value of their Couchbase investment into new use cases”.

With AI generating more data insights, he said there is a clear benefit to those channel partners pitching solutions that help users manage their information.

“Data is crucial to driving the AI wave that many organisations recognise as the future. As a data company, Couchbase is leading the way in data management and now is a great time for new and existing partners to invest with us,” said McDonough.

Couchbase has been promoting the link between digital transformation and AI and the need for customers to improve efficiency if those two developments are to be implemented smoothly.

The firm released research last year indicating that many users were becoming more responsive to the potential offered by emerging technologies and had changed their strategies and priorities to make sure they could take advantage of them.

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