NCC warns hacking is on the rise

Security group NCC has revealed that hacking continues to rise with the risks to businesses remaining a constant threat

NCC Group has revealed a sharp increase in hacks originating in the US, China and Russia warning users that there can be no resting on any laurels on the security front.

“What is clear is that malicious online activity remains incredibly prolific, happening on a global scale and, currently, not being effectively combated,” said Rob Cotton, CEO of NCC Group.

“The information security industry is clustered in a handful of nations, and there isn't nearly enough transparency and collaboration.

The research is featured in NCC’s Origin of Hacks report for the second quarter of 2012 and tracks the origins of unauthorised network access attempts across the world.

From April-June 2012, 22.5% of all monitored attempts originated in the US, 49 million more than January-March, ( from 17.4% ) China was responsible for 15.8% of the monitored world total, (from 13.7%) and Russia for 13.3%, (from 12.4%)

“It’s not surprising that the US, China and Russia remain the top three hacking nations – they are highly populous and highly connected countries., said Cotton. “The increase in number of hacks could indicate a rise in malicious hacking activity or simply improvements in detection abilities. Ukraine is well known as a cybercrime haven.

The findings come days after Experian Credit Expert revealed that the amount of personal information being traded online by criminals has increased threefold since 2010.

“We are calling for greater openness, with mandatory rules of disclosure for organisations that suffer data breaches, and greater collaboration between different nations and different businesses,” concluded Cotton “This should be the foundation from which to shore up defences and prepare our infrastructures in the fight against cyber crime.”

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