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HoloLens is officially 'open for business'

Microsoft launches HoloLens Enterprise Suite. It's like the Developer Edition, only more enterprisey

Microsoft's augmented reality headset - HoloLens, is officially 'open for business'.

Well, sort of. The Redmond gang have launched a website, touting the HoloLens Commercial Suite, aimed squarely at progressive enterprises with money to burn. This suite includes the Development Edition of the Star Trek-esque headset, as well as a host of management features.

These include:

Kiosk mode: With HoloLens kiosk mode, you can limit which apps to run to enable demo or showcase experiences.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for HoloLens: Your IT department can manage multiple HoloLens devices simultaneously using solutions like Microsoft InTune. You will be able to manage settings, select apps to install and set security configurations tailored to your organization's need.

Identity: Azure Active Directory and next generation credentials with PIN unlock.

Windows Update for Business: Controlled operating system updates to devices and support for long term servicing branch.

Data security: BitLocker data encryption and secure boot is enabled on HoloLens to provide the same level of security protection as any other Windows device.

Work access Anyone in your organization can remotely connect to the corporate network through a virtual private network on a HoloLens. HoloLens can also access Wi-Fi networks that require credentials.

Windows Store for Business: Your IT department can also set up an enterprise private store, containing only your company's apps for your specific HoloLens usage. Securely distribute your enterprise software to selected group of enterprise users.

While virtual reality is making waves in the consumer space, there are indications that Microsoft's take on augmented reality could find its niche in the business market.

The site says that volume purchasing is available, suggesting that Microsoft is able to ramp up the manufacturing - or that it simply sold a lot less of the developer kits than it had anticipated. Pricing is not mentioned, but the dev edition retailed for a whopping $3,000.

There are only a handful of apps currently baked into the fledgling system. HoloLens comes with Windows 10 functionality - Cortana and Edge, Skype and a 3D graphics suite called HoloStudio. There are also a handful of games. Microsoft presumably hopes that by getting the headset into the hands of interested parties, developers will buckle down and find some actual use cases for what is an undeniably clever piece of technology.

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