Windows tablets on the rise

Research from China indicates that the demand for Windows tablets is growing and could well spread in the next few years

Trying to get an idea of what is in store technology wise in 2015 is a bit of an obsession at this time of year but you could do worse than take a look at the technology trends in China to find out what could be coming in the years ahead.

Most of the predictions for next year focus on enterprise tech and what will happen with the cloud, internet of things and big data but there are also likely to be plenty of developments on the consumer front.

With users now being a major force for change in corporates as a result of BYOD some of the trends in China, including the growth in popularity of wearable tech, could have an impact in the UK.

Branding and marketing expert specialist TNS has put together a list of trends likely to have a big impact in China and beyond in the next five years and one of them should be encouraging news for Microsoft resellers as the firm expects Windows tablets to increase in popularity.

"Based on our China data, Windows tablets’ growth in share-of-time is outpacing iPad and Android tablets. We could be seeing the emergence of a more productive, task-oriented, and revolutionary tablet device, which will steal share from those current models which primarily meet entertainment needs. TNS predicts that it’s no longer a question of if Microsoft will catch up with mobile devices; it’s just a matter of how quickly," stated the firm.  

As well as Windows tablets there should also be  more development in modular computers with users being given the opportunity to swap in and out components without the need for specialist knowledge or tools.

“Our study highlights a real opportunity for tech companies, if they look beyond technology-led innovation.” says Chris Bonsi, CEO Greater China, TNS, “We’ve found that if you start with what people are actually looking to do with their devices - rather than the pure technology potential - you open up a whole new world of convergence opportunities.”

“People’s interest in – and desire for – new technology and gadgets is based on what it is that they really want to do – or ‘jobs to be done’. There are real needs that cry out to be addressed. All technology companies seek to drive competitive advantage through innovation and taking a more customer-led – based on ‘jobs to be done’ introduces new opportunities," he added.

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