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Simplifying Hybrid Cloud Management to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Many organisations have embraced cloud services to accelerate their digital transformation, employing a mix of private and public cloud with on-premises infrastructure. However, IT leaders are finding that management challenges associated with a hybrid cloud environment are liable to create roadblocks on their path to digital.

Separate management interfaces for each environment restrict visibility across the infrastructure. A sprawl of siloed systems means the business is unable to pinpoint which services are being used to best effect and cannot accurately measure costs and benefits, which impedes effective decision-making.

HPE OneSphere tackles the lack of insight caused by managing through separate point solutions, by providing a single portal and enabling self-service access to users along with transparent and detailed usage and cost metrics.

OneSphere improves the efficiency of hybrid IT, accelerates time to value, enables more effective decisions and delivers key insights to IT operations and lines of business. Developers can work with powerful APIs to drive a successful digital strategy.

A further bonus is that OneSphere works with an organisation’s current environment, ensuring rapid time to value and ease of deployment.

Multicloud management
"Organisations are focused on their digital strategy to deliver services at a great pace," says Jason Smith, cloud solution architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise UK. "One of the key values of OneSphere is it gives an overall view of services deployed in on-premises cloud and in public cloud across multiple providers for one version of the truth."

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) multicloud management solution can be adopted by organisations of all sizes and across all sectors. Developers, IT operations and CIOs can keep up with the pace of digital transformation and work better as a team because they can see how services and applications impact one another. This holistic view offers insights that can be built into future plans to create a more competitive business.

"OneSphere can open up successful conversations and support new working practices, which changes the way developers and operations interact. It is easier to see how issues are intrinsically linked and to get a handle on an issue, which enhances the digital strategy going forward," says Smith.

Improved governance
Customers deploying HPE OneSphere gain maximum benefit from their cloud environment by improving governance, costs and usage analytics, and simplifying agile deployment. Onboarding off-premises cloud services takes minutes. This rapid visibility from the OneSphere portal means customers can gain insights from the start, leaving them free to effectively manage their cloud resources and apps and focus on innovation while HPE takes care of all the behind-the-scenes operations, new features and management updates.

"We have designed OneSphere to be simple and easy to use," says Smith. "It also has comprehensive APIs that are gold dust to developers. An IT department wants choice to be able to leverage the best services from different providers, and OneSphere gives them the insight to make the most effective decisions."

Having a unified resource pool and a self-service portal enhances cooperation, and developers can use cloud services and tools sanctioned by IT.

"If you put something in the OneSphere catalogue, it is a standardised building block blessed by IT, which reduces the risk of shadow IT," says Smith.

Developers can access a services catalogue, while operations can easily manage the services developers need.

"It enables better engagement within DevOps teams, with everyone working together from that one version of the truth," says Smith. "Deployment can speed up proof of concept from weeks to hours."

Delivering agility
By simplifying multicloud management, HPE OneSphere empowers organisations to move faster and ensure a successful digital strategy. Delivering agility relies on visibility into what resources applications are using and their associated costs, across on-premises and public cloud environments and in real time, enabling smarter decision-making about application deployment.

Customers enjoy a wealth of benefits, including insight into where to place workloads, rapid implementation with the "ready to go" SaaS model, compatibility with many environments so there is no need to replace current tools and processes, and easy onward integration using APIs.

Find out more about how OneSphere can facilitate agility and help solve the management challenge of a hybrid cloud environment by visiting HPE OneSphere