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Radical simplicity and predictive flash storage performance in a scalable, cloud-ready platform

Organisations wanting to succeed in the digital era focus on eradicating application disruption and cutting out downtime. To achieve this, many are switching to cloud-based predictive analytics and machine learning to prevent problems with their virtualised infrastructure that might otherwise affect customer service, profit and reputation.

Increasingly, organisations want the benefits of flash storage as it drops in price. HPE’s Nimble Storage is going a step further by driving the evolution to predictive flash with HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics. The solution realises the promise of the predictive datacentre, which foresees and prevents issues before they have an operational impact.

HPE InfoSight analyses millions of sensors every second and predicts and prevents problems across the entire infrastructure stack, ensuring that data is always available.

“HPE InfoSight analyses storage on the array as well as reviewing the network, servers and virtual machines. It works up and down the stack preventing any slowdown or disruption to the application that makes users wait and impacts profitability,” says Richard Slyfield, HPE UK and Ireland Storage Category Business Manager.

Bridging the app-data gap
When organisations hit the “app-data gap”, the common response is to buy more storage – but throwing hardware at the problem is often short-sighted.

“In thousands of cases [surveyed], 54% were not storage related, so buying more storage is not necessarily the answer. HPE Nimble analyses storage, but by also analysing the whole infrastructure we can identify the problem,” says Slyfield.

If a customer is found to have an issue with configuration and settings, other customers with the same setup are alerted. This knowledge sharing in the HPE Nimble installed base prevents widespread problems breaking out.

Forward-thinking organisations are adopting HPE Nimble to benefit from predictive analytics that diagnose any problem before it materialises to save time and money and improve IT operations, so that IT departments can focus on innovation.

“HPE Nimble with InfoSight offers organisations rich telemetry, cloud-based analytics and global learning. Machine learning and artificial intelligence mean organisations can look to automation of the datacentre and move to predictive flash storage,” says Slyfield.

A predictive vision
HPE’s roadmap incorporates this predictive vision with InfoSight as the industry moves more towards cloud-based analytics to help customers make more informed decisions.

“More and more platforms are reporting back learning and other customers can benefit from this to prevent problems, resulting in the sharing of best practice and reducing resource contention,” says Slyfield.

HPE’s confidence in providing a proactive solution is reflected in its transformed support experience. InfoSight automates the tasks handled by traditional level one and two support and so in the rare cases where support is necessary they can go straight to level three support and engage directly with an expert engineer.

“We already know what is going on with Nimble customers as the metrics used mean that 86% of problems or issues are predicted and prevented before the customer knows - they have already been resolved. Therefore, we can guarantee availability of six nines (99.9999%) across the installed base,” says Slyfield.

Customer feedback on the proactive Nimble solution is very positive, he adds.

“One customer used to spend 15 to 16 hours a day fixing issues in the datacentre. With HPE Nimble and InfoSight, he is now doing a normal working day and can focus on driving business outcomes rather than dealing with patches and issues,” says Slyfield.

If an organisation wants to future-proof its infrastructure and add intelligence into the datacentre, then predictive flash and InfoSight brings artificial intelligence for the datacentre across the Nimble portfolio.

Organisations interested in benefitting from HPE’s Nimble solution and the promise of an autonomous datacentre can visit HPE Nimble