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You want systems for Retail? Well here is the detail

Nick Booth is back with another piece revealing partnering opportunities for resellers tempted by some foreign entrants to the UK

This week we profile two more companies looking for UK partners, one from Japan, one from Germany, both ideal for the retail industry.

Germany’s NFON is one of Europe’s biggest cloud telephony players and it wants UK partners to sell it into the UK.

Hang on though, what sort of partners would sell cloud telephony? Is that an IT domain or are we in the comms dealers’ territory? Possibly both. The HQ is in Germany, where the system was developed and is being supported, but it has a BT IP Exchange in the UK in order to guarantee call quality and a ‘far higher level’ of technical support.

NFON wants around 100 IT and networking resellers and system integrators by the end of 2016, after which it intends to close the gate and police the channel. Currently only five per cent business calls are made on cloud-based systems but NFON UK has ambitions to own 20% of the UK market in the next 5 years. “Our ambition is be to be one of the top 3 cloud telephony providers in the UK,” said Jürgen Städing, chief product officer at NFON.

MicroScope’s traditional base of IT and networking resellers are being offered a fast track entry into cloud-based telephony. Many have traditionally been excluded from this market by the high level of investment needed. Obviously, with cloud technology, the equipment costs are all someone else’s problem – all you need to do is train the staff. NFON claims telephony can complement any reseller’s existing cloud computing products and flesh out your portfolio so you so literally everything for your clients. That, they claim, is the way to grab your customer and not let them go.

Meanwhile, get ready for a Japanese invasion of the market.

Tokyo-based mobile analytics start-up Repro has raised $2.6m for a global expansion of partners who can use its software development kit to create apps that keep clients loyal. The key is to study user behaviour and devise methods to improve the user retention rates, such as improving the user interface.

The analytics software looks at how users act, concentrating on factors like how they use an interface, the track record of that operation and even the user’s facial expressions during that time. It blends quantitative analysis like sales funnel and retention studies with qualitative exercises that reproduce user actions in the app through recordings of user behaviour. All this gathered information can then be used for in-app marketing activity like push notifications and in-app messaging. All of which helps mobile operators to hold onto their customers. (I think that would drive me away!)

So far it’s been adopted by major e-commerce sites, games, news media and a variety of major CRM software vendors, says Repro CEO Yusuke Hirata. Now they want resellers in the UK to sell into the same markets over here. It’s all about visibility, I suppose. Eye level is buy level, as they say in the retail game.

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