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Channel matchmaker finds a few more to consider

Nick Booth finds more companies looking for UK partners with millions to back their channel marketing programme

If anyone knows about setting up a decent sales channel, it should be a marketing technology company. So the fact that four different types of sales automation companies have just been awarded multi million dollar backing, and are looking to expand into Europe, should be encouraging. 

Californian ecommerce analyser Reflektion has got the second most cash, $29.3m according to Venturebeat, because Intel Capital, Battery Ventures and Hasso Plattner Ventures can all see a big market for their technology. Its Individualized Commerce technology helps retailers to find out what shoppers’ preferences are and instantly exploit them further. People who shop at Disney, HBO, Converse and Uniqlo are already coming under the influence of this technique, so there will be plenty of UK retail giants who want to copy them. They just need to be introduced to the idea by their friendly UK retail technology reseller. 

While you’re there, why not introduce them to a new billing system? Aria Systems just closed a $50m round of investment for venture capitalists at Rembrandt Venture Partners, Madison Bay Capital Partners and Hercules Technology Growth Capital.

Will these venture capitalists going to get their money back? Yes, but only if Aria finds some enterprising resellers in the UK (and other countries) who can sell the system into new verticals markets such as the car industry, entertainment, health and IT and telecoms. One of the big growth markets for this will be in the various incarnations of the Internet of Things, as they emerge, all of which will need to be accurately accounted for. Wherever there’s big data, there’s big margins.

Still, you sometimes suspect that these big data marketing experts can’t see the wood for the trees. For example, Britain’s top grocery chains drove all their customer away to Lidl and Aldi, because their ‘customer relationship’ programmes actually destroyed their relationships with their customers. Now customers are telling them to BOGOF!

What all the big data companies could use is a good wash. You should sell them some Trifacta.

I know what you’re thinking: Trifacta? Why should I use that when I’ve got my regular data washing system?

Because Trifacta is a startup with special software that gets into all the hard to reach places and really cleans up raw, messy data. Now here’s the science bit. It then makes it ready for proper analysis. Don’t take my word for it. Experts at America’s top venture capital companies have awarded it a $35m endorsement and told inventor Joe Hellerstein to take it to Europe.

Trifacta has impressive, confidence boosting reference customers at Cisco, GoPro, Juniper, Kaiser Permanente, McKesson, PepsiCo, Pfizer and Procter & Gamble. There’s a London office now, they just need you.

Another marketing automation start up looking for UK partners is Polands’s SalesManago. Being backed by European venture capitalists, Austria’s 3TS Capital Partners, they’ve got slightly less money. Still, $6m will fund a few marketing campaigns and they are likely to choose their partners carefully and concentrate all their efforts on them.

Remember retail is detail, eye level is buy level, big data tells you that a tomato is a fruit – but Trifacta will tell you not to put it in a fruit salad.

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