This season's wearable trends for the reseller about town

As London Fashion Week approaches, wearable computing is the hottest look in town, and Nick Booth thinks its absolutely fabulous

As London Fashion Week approaches, wearable computing is suddenly the hottest ticket in town, and we're showcasing up and coming artists and amazing collections from the houses of Google, Aye Gear, StelleAudio, Mocks, Proporta, Vivobarefoot, Sensoria, Laks and Misfit. All with a co-location theme.

Google Glasses (seen here worn by a model in the style of a rising executive) are the must-have accessory in the recruitment industry, according to AIA. It’s a look that says, “Hi, I’m on trend, I never miss a meeting and I’m going to be all over your copy on track changes.”

Meanwhile, men’s wearable fashions are becoming bolder and more colourful. The new Mocks come in vibrant pastel shades, and feature washable, waterproof technology that’s guaranteed to withstand any conditions. Whether you’re up to your knees in diesel at the backup generator, covered in grime and dust in the cabling duct, or getting a soaking from that faulty cooling system, this new wearable technology will keep working time after time.

With all those generators and cooler and fans humming away, you have to shout to make yourself heard in a datacentre. So why not team up your pastel-shaded Mocks with a StelleAudio clutch bag-cum-speaker system, linked to your Jabra headset via Bluetooth. It’s a look that says, “I want to have a word with you about your cabling regime.”

If you’re dashing off to Vegas for ‘an important conference’ the new Stephenson Satchel from tech accessories brand Proporta is ideal for housing any tablet. Team it with the Proporta portable TurboCharger 7000 and you’ll never suffer a power crisis. Your tablets will never seem more charged.

The spring collection of wearable technology will feature an exciting collaboration between must-have brand Vivobarefoot and to-die-for smart sock pioneers Sensoria. These provide live feedback on your phone as you sprint desperately up and down the rows and rows of rack mounted servers, looking for the board you’re supposed to be swapping out before your e-commerce client’s entire business goes into receivership.

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Grab yourself a place in the cold aisle, because Sensoria Fitness is going to be one of the biggest brands for 2014, according to experts.

One of the hottest items in the bought ledger department will be the Shine, from Misfit, a breathtakingly stylish activity monitor that will not only look good, it’ll back you up when you're chasing an unpaid invoice. It’s a look that says, “I’m cool but I’m perfectly capable of putting on the writs. So pay me!”

Order a cab and beat a dignified retreat, with the Watch2Pay, a sportswatch that comes with a pre-installed SIM, that’s configured to issue credit card payments. As long as the taxi driver takes Mastercard, you’re ready to hit the ground running.

If you’re looking to smuggle some stolen kit out the building, Kin Design may have the answer. It has worked with Nokia to create an app which allows you to create any outfit you like, whether it’s a fabulous suit, a ra-ra skirt or a security guard’s uniform. Simply scan the design on your Nokia 1020 or 1520. The design can then be sent to a 3D printer, which prints off the outfit. Put it on and you can make your escape before the hosting company starts pursuing its inquiries.

This is going to be a big year for IT couture. Wear or be square!

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