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Providing the right tech to your employees matters more than ever

Providing staff with the right technology is vital, says Tim Bodill, chief sales officer at Jigsaw24

Employee benefits are increasingly becoming an important tool for attracting and retaining staff, and providing modern technology and a seamless digital working experience is a key part of these offerings.

A recent survey conducted by Jigsaw24 found that a quarter of UK workers chose technology products as the most desirable non-wage benefit that their company could provide them with. This is more than those selecting private medical care (23%), a pension (16%) or a gym membership (9%).

While businesses are increasingly investing in providing seamless digital experiences for their customers, the investment and focus on internal technology processes has arguably not received the same attention. Despite reliance on technology at an all-time high, many companies are operating on outdated internal systems, neglecting the importance that technology has on enabling employees to do their jobs more efficiently and providing a positive workplace experience.

According to the Battle for talent survey, 72% of workers are frustrated at least once a week by the poor quality or lack of business technology available to them, and 48% say that poor-quality business technology makes them more likely to resign from their jobs within the next six months. With digital modernisation offering a more efficient and inclusive workplace, it is evident that providing modern purpose-built technology as part of a holistic employee experience also has an important role to play in attracting and keeping the best talent and improving your employee value proposition.  

This has particularly been heightened by the move to hybrid working. Jigsaw24’s survey revealed that more than half (55%) of UK workers say now they spend at least one day a week working remotely or from home, with more than a third (38%) working from home at least three or more days in an average week.

The shift to hybrid working has seen employees increasingly demanding more flexibility in their roles and has shone a light on the importance of a positive employee experience. As a result, employees are increasingly looking for technology that meets their home-working needs, seamlessly transitions from the workplace to home offices, and is both familiar and compatible with their day-to-day lives.

Apple adoption is growing significantly due to this. Results from Jigsaw24’s survey found that Apple Mac notebook topped the poll as the most desirable single technology benefit (selected by 8% of UK workers), followed by an iPhone (5%), IT support for the home office (5%) and a Microsoft PC (4%). Some 3% said an Apple iPad would be their single most desirable non-financial work benefit, with the same percentage choosing an Android phone.

The attraction of Apple technology is even more true for younger generations. Gen Z respondents, aged between 18-25, chose being provided with an Apple Mac notebook (15%) as the most desirable non-financial benefit alongside a gym membership (15%). This was closely followed by an Apple iPhone (12%). The desirability of an Apple Mac notebook gradually increased over the generations, suggesting that the demand for these products in enterprise is not expected to slow.

Companies are progressively recognising the value of investing in Apple technology. While previously Apple products have been limited to creative disciplines or c-suite executives, companies are increasingly integrating Macs into the workplace across sectors. To meet this growing demand, Jigsaw24 added partner maintenance to its maintenance services offering, providing partners with the necessary know-how to meet this changing demand and to provide the level of service that their Apple customers require.

Providing the right technology to your employees matters more than ever. As the battleground for talent rages on and employees are increasingly demanding more from their working environment on several levels, the power of investing in technology must not be overlooked.

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