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Scottish tech start ups looking for channel support

In his latest update of firms that are looking for channel supporters Nick Booth finds a couple of contenders North of the border

Looking for a tech partner with revolutionary zeal and money to invest? Scotland is the place to look and Dundee is emerging as its creative hub.  

By now, the $5m paid into the business account of startup eeGeo will have been cleared by the bank, and it can open its cheque book as its seeks partners to grow it 3D mapping system.

It’s been six years since they came up with the idea of using 3D mapping to improve the navigation of cities. With a digital mapping realm that extends into three dimensions, eeGeo can help create a view of a city that is geospatially accurate and has building level detail. Imagine how much extra storage capacity you can sell when your clients are creating three dimensions worth of data on the entire globe. There are development opportunities too, as eeGeo offers a cross-platform software development kit (SDK) so that developers can give any company access to its maps. All the work that was created when Google, OpenStreetMap, Here and TomTom allowed partners to access their maps can be repeated with eeGeo.

Cisco developer partners, for example, used eeGeo to create a mobile app that guides visitors through its Customer Experience Centers (CXC) using interior maps. Try visiting the Cisco offices and they will give you access to an app where you can see where you are in the building in real time and navigate to where they need to be. Samsung used eeGeo to create immersive city-guide applications for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Already eeGeo has 25 staff at its headquarters in Dundee, with remote offices in London and San Francisco. Founder Ian Hetherington started Psygnosis, which he later sold to Sony, so he knows where to take a start up. The money will be used to fund work on developing its 3D mapping platform, extend its coverage and build a range of market-specific products that customers can personalise, according to a company statement.

Hetherington’s co-founder at Psygnosis, Jonathan Ellis, is one of the co-founders of Yubl, which has got £15m to spend on creating its ‘next generation’ social networking and messaging system for mobile. It promises far more options to publish content that is richer, more engaging and flexible. All they need now are channel partners who can create the business cases.

Meanwhile, over in Edinburgh, flight search engine Skyscanner has got $192m to spend on development, channel partnerships and marketing. Get in quick. The Scottish tech scene is not revolutionary, it’s devolutionary.

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