Who's that in The Cloud? Is it a board? Is it a blade? No, it's Lieberman!!

Lieberman Software CEO Phil Lieberman is sick of having to rescue companies before they become clients.

We help keep our customers' names out of the newspapers by closing security holes that could otherwise make headlines, writes Liberman.

We also help IT staff avoid time-consuming, error-prone work that is better automated. Our software does that by helping customers take control of privileged identities - the powerful, anonymous credentials that IT staff or malicious outsiders could otherwise use to access information and change configuration settings at will.

The software has evolved over more than 10 years - and now encompasses automatic discovery and remediation on global networks, covering all major hardware platforms and network appliances as well as virtually all packaged and custom applications where privileged accounts reside.

"Lieberman Software products deploy quickly," he says. "Without the need for custom scripting and endless service engagements. We're proud to have the smallest service revenue of any vendor in our market - by design - because our software works as advertised."

What's the most over used term in IT security then Mr Lieberman?

Cloud - but we'll be using it extensively at Infosecurity 2011 anyway!

What's the most mis-used term in IT security?

Organisation. It's supposed to be spelled with a zed. [Ohhh, you've touched a nerve there mate - Ed]

What's the most under valued term in IT security?


What's the biggest lesson you have learned in IT?

Stay focused.

Jesus used to exemplify important moral messages with simple tales. Can you exemplify your IT service/product with a simple parable? (If not, am I wrong to assume you don't really understand it?!!)

Give me another man's credit card and I will eat for a day. Give me his privileged login and I will eat for a lifetime.

Pick an item from today's news. How would you relate your product/service to this event?

In recent weeks compromised databases at little-known email marketing companies have exposed the personal information of customers of Marks & Spencer, JPMorgan Chase, Ritz-Carlton, Disney, McDonalds and many other large firms. Lieberman Software helps organisations of all sizes continuously discover and randomize their privileged logins to databases and business applications - making their networks more far more resistant to attack.

Why does EVERYBODY in IT talk about 'thinking outside the box'? Isn't it time a maverick started thinking inside the box?

Yes. This is known as 'inboxing.' Several of our customers have already adopted it to gain advantage over competitors that outbox.

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