Wearecloud looks for UK installation partners for its BIME cloud service

Here's something different for the channel to gets its teeth into: Bime is an easy yet powerful service to connect and analyse data in any organisation - so its makers claim.

Here's something different for the channel to gets its teeth into:

Bime is an easy yet powerful service to connect and analyze data in any organisation -  so its makers claim.

According to the people at  WeAreCloud (the company behind the service) it delivers a simple-to-use intuitive way to create stunning visualizations and dashboards with a few clicks of your mouse.

Version 2 has just been launched, which they promise is a huge improvement on the last version.

Anyone who needs to analyse and publish data. You know the types:  web analystsdata analyststop managementdata publishers and  consultants.

As often happens, it could find an unexpected secondary market among SMBs, departments within large organizations, middle management, students, business analysts.

Why do they need it?

It helps with the planning process, giving people a visualisation of where their IT is, which helps them get a clearer idea of what to do next.

This organisations make more rational and targeted decisions. Which is where the real value is. It also 'keeps you ahead of the competition' - although some might argue that's a massively over-rated attribute.

For example, analysis of sales data might show hidden links within your customer base and so reveal how to better retain old customers and attract new ones. 

Let's say you're running a small to medium sized brothel in the Earls Court area. Analysis of your income might suggest that many of your best customers seem to be IT salesmen. By using this information, you can tailor your business to work around all the big IT exhibitions running at Earls Court and Olympia.

Bime acts to increase profits, make better use of your assets and helps you make informed strategic decisions.

This is particularly important in a recession when organizations need to minimize outgoings and risk. It also enables them to plan savings in an informed and effective way.

"Our target markets need tools like Bime to bring visibility into the organization and help link different aspects together. Without Bime, organizations run the risk of overlooking vital information fundamental to their survival in today's difficult economy," says a spokeswoman for Wearecloud.

SMBs often cannot justify the large CapEx of traditional BI, do not have the IT resources to run an on-premise database and server system and are not sure that they have the breadth or depth of data to warrant such a system. Often their needs change far faster than software can be developed and installed. The SaaS version of Bime solves these problems.

What does it do that nothing else does?

The USP of Bime is that it is the only high performing and powerful SaaS BI tool on the market that runs in a web browser and that allows you to work in-memory or to use the power of databases, with such an exclusive set of online and on-premise connectors, including Google Analytics.

Bime allows you to  connect to your existing data and interrogate it. It categorizes your data automatically, allowing you to load the whole range of information into a pivot table to be available for 'queries'. You create your query by dragging and dropping the relevant data onto the frame, which starts as a simple grid. Once you are happy that you have included the basic information wanted, you can change the visualisation to see, rather than read, your results. You can then add elements to fine-tune the results visually (using size or color, for example) to a degree that a column of numbers cannot express.

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