VMware’s motivation for joining foundation is fooling no one

Abiquo CEO Jim Darragh says that while VMware's decision to join OpenStack was no surprise, its motivation for joining is fooling nobody

VMware’s decision to join the OpenStack Foundation was a surprise to no one.

The move is an attempt by the cloud giant to appear open and prove that it “gets” how open source works and its benefits. VMware would like you to think that its interest is for the customer and not its own agenda.

It wasn’t so long ago that the creators of OpenStack shunned the crowd at VMware due to its proprietary, closed nature when it comes to managing the cloud. VMware has a long history of locking customers into its product range rather than letting companies choose what technologies they want in their clouds. When you pay for a VMware licence, you pay for lots of features that
you may not even use. 

We’ve spoken to customers who were having to pay for the enterprise licensing because they can’t live without one feature but the price difference between a standard and enterprise licence is almost 300% – and they’re having to pay that just for one feature they need.

Cloud services companies would be better served evaluating solutions that take advantage of the technology they already have and which avoid vendor lock-in. There are cloud management platforms available now that are safe, secure, and interoperable with multiple hypervisors and heterogeneous infrastructure.

Jim Darragh is CEO at cloud management specialist Abiquo

This article originally appeared in our March ezine

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