Unlocking the mobile identity potential of smartphones

Could the humble smartphone spell the end of keys and swipe cards? Ian Lowe from HID Global says disruptive innovation could be a strong play in the channel

According to recent research by Gartner, mobile phone sales are expected to dominate device shipments in 2014 – it anticipates an incredible 1.9 billion mobile phones will be sold this year.

While we’re used to using our smartphones to access email and data resources on the go, now a regular smartphone can be turned into a ‘digital key’, literally opening doors to new opportunities. This has been a perfect recipe for disruptive innovation in the access control market. 

This shift – the corporate identity badge and access card moving onto smartphones – ushers in an entirely new level of convenience. Identity is no longer confined to the plastic card that carries it, and it is this that is changing how policy and security are delivered in the enterprise. 

With millions of people worldwide potentially holding their identity details in their hands, there are almost limitless opportunities to advise organisations on how a smartphone can not only  signal the end of a pocketful of keys and employee ID cards, but enhance other credential processes too.

Ian Lowe is senior manager, product marketing – identity assurance at HID Global

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