Twitter turns off business users! Pope in Catholic shocker!

UC Expo's new research showing that business users are turned off unified comms because there are too many social media options out there comes as little surprise to Network Noise.

UC Expo's new research showing that business users are turned off unified comms because there are too many social media options out there comes as little surprise to Network Noise.

Social media is a confusing world for new users, and as technology providers its the channel's duty to make the case for its use as a business tool.

But I think the channel needs to have the case made to it, first.

It's all very well trying to get business users interested in social media, but the channel just isn't banging this particular drum.

I can think of no better example than our own, here at

We've been publishing our stories to our Twitter feed for nearly two years now, and we do quite well out of it.

But if you take a look through our rogues gallery of followers, a great number of them are PR agencies, news aggregators, other journalists after a story, SEO types, you get the picture.

Oh, sure, the channel is on Twitter, but a brave few pioneers aside, most of the core readership simply is not.

And most channel feeds seem to me to be little more than promotional vehicles for their owners.

It does get me wondering if social media will ever truly be the tool that it could be?

But hand on heart, I would love to be proved wrong, and to hear your stories of prospects engaged and business won through tools such as Twitter.

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