Tap reseller opportunities in the storage market

Resellers targeting storage sales this year must think about performance, reliability and functionality at all costs, says Qsan's Bartek Mytnik

There are great opportunities for resellers to work with new storage technologies now, and the key will be working out which vendors are right to work with.

While established brands can often be an easier customer sell, they often do not give the same value for money and longer-term customer satisfaction as newer emerging brands. This is going to be important for sales and margins in today’s penny-pinching market environment.

Qsan has just announced results to a poll that suggests more than two-thirds of UK IT managers want to invest in storage to cope with big data in the short term.

Just 100 UK IT managers were polled, but the results match our research showing there is plenty of opportunity in the data storage market for the channel in the foreseeable future. The challenge for the channel will be to offer great solutions at good prices.

It was predicted that more companies would invest more quickly in storage to provision for big data in 2013. We believe this did not happen due to the tightening of budgets seen across all businesses. 

Resellers that want to win in these market decisions will offer solutions that score highly in terms of performance, reliability and functionality – and at low prices. This may see some of the less well-known brands emerging as outright winners over the established ones.

This means channel partners need to be able to differentiate the strong contenders from the flaky ones to offer customers long-term value. The opportunities are there, but resellers will need to do their homework when deciding which horse to back.

Bartek Mytnik is EMEA business development manager at Qsan.

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