Stuart Baggs is a poor advert for the channel

I know there are a few unreconstructed dinosaurs and total gits out there, but for the most part I have found, in five years of covering channels, that most of you are a fairly affable bunch of people.

When I first found out that the comms sector had a representative in this year's Apprentice, I couldn't help but smile.

It's nice to have someone to get behind, and I even suggested that Stuart Baggs might want to take a pass on working for Britain's most belligerent boss and concentrate on the communications market.

But after last night's display I'm starting to feel differently.

I thought Bagg's performance was a poor advert for our sector and a poor advert for the channel as a whole, and I hope customers do not judge their providers by his example.

In five years of covering channels I have found that most of you are a fairly affable bunch of people. But Baggs, on the other hand, harks back to an era of unreconstructed dinosaurs.

Throughout his stint as team leader, Baggs showed a staggering lack of judgment, at one point taking off to enjoy a day of high speed driving and boasting about having to "rein in his masculinity" while his all-female team of Joanna, Laura and Stella did the legwork.

At times he appeared to be behaving like a child, and most of the time he was domineering, arrogant, patronising and downright sexist.

It's as if he watched The Office and thought it was a training video. The industry is better than this.

Teammate Stella, who I am tipping to win outright, has clearly got the measure of him, too, ruthlessly putting him down as the winning team relaxed at a London champagne bar, where Baggs continued his rude and ungrateful behaviour.

But for the sake of £39, he avoided the chop this week, and it was the hapless Sandeesh, who earlier in the show asked in seriousness if Pinewood Studios was a furniture store, who was thrown overboard by Lord Sugar after disastrously miscalculating who to take back into the boardroom.

Given Bagg's performance last night, I'd have given Lord Sugar the £39 myself to see the back of him. Would you hire him?

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