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Software defined storage is a false economy says Nexsan boss

Nick Booth has been catching up with Nexsan to hear why some of the promises of an easy life might not be quite so accurate

If we saved up all the time and money we’ve collectively wasted on corporate videos - either paying companies to make them or being forced to watch them - we could have paid to end world hunger forever.

Why don’t they skip the endorsements from the tame analysts - “It’s a game changer - invoice attached” - and skip straight to the only thing that matters? The money. That’s what we all came to see.

IT directors want to know how they’ll save money. Resellers want to know how they can make more money. We all know time is of the essence. That’s why we’re all furious that you’re wasting our time. I wish, just once, the audience would rise up in anger and burn down the auditorium.

Having met Victoria Grey, Nexsan’s chief marketing officer, I’m reasonably confident this is a straight talking company. Grey doesn’t entertain these trendy notions about software defining everything. It’s a false economy, says Grey. Software defined storage, for example, will be a lot more complicated and labour intensive than people are being led to believe.

Nexsan’s plan is to give you a preconfigured piece of hardware where everything has been done for you, fine tuned to within an inch of its life. You plug it in, and never have to look at the ghastly thing again.

The new Unity box is the latest variation of hyperconvergence. It combines the power and performance of a unified storage box with  cloud flexibility. It does this by packing DRAM and Flash with the full range of connectivty options and blending them with its own Transporter private cloud file sync and share appliances.

The result is a unified storage that is as easy to use as Dropbox and Box. Since it sits in your own data centre, not the cloud, it doesn’t have the tragic insecurities and management costs associated with alternatives.

Talking of insecurity, when technology falls into the wrong hands, people use it to overcomplicate lives and waste everyone’s time. Which is what’s happening now with everything from software defined networking to stupid corporate videos. They’re always far more time consuming than they need to be.

Refreshingly, everything about Nexsan’s Unity seems quite sensible. Even the name respects the conventions of the English language, with a capital letter at the start of the name and the rest in lower case. Unlike the mixed upper and lower case monstrosities dreamed up by companies that think our grammar and syntax aren’t good enough for them.

Well, after all that, I hope Nexsan’s corporate video isn’t boring

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