ShoreTel shows promise but keeps losing money

IP comms vendor ShoreTel has report edits now customary quarterly net loss, this time losing $3.7m under GAAP. But could things be about to change?

IP comms vendor ShoreTel has reported its now customary quarterly net loss, this time losing $3.7m under GAAP.

But could things be about to change?

All eyes are now firmly fixed on new CEO Peter Blackmore, who romped through yesterday evening's conference call with both zeal and optimism and has pledged to set things going in the right direction.

Despite the fact that it has booked a net loss in the last eight quarters - it last banked a profit way back in January 2008 - there is nothing fundamentally wrong with ShoreTel, as quarter after quarter of record sales shows.

Although a small firm it is leaner and more innovative than many of the firms it competes against, and I believe it is well-placed to go on to better things.

Furthermore it seems to get the way the networking business is going in a way that others simply do not.

Beyond exceptional items - and we should note that some (not all) of its recent losses have been impacted by such items - there is really nothing to stop it banking some cash.

Blackmore has set Q4, which closes at the end of June as the date by which ShoreTel will turn a profit. We will know in July whether or not he has the cojones.

But will the Street be patient?

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