ICT matters but don't forget the three R's

Billy MacInnes is not too happy about the idea that somehow ICT now ranks above other subjects, including English and Maths

I have to admit that the story elsewhere on this website reporting that people in the UK ranked ICT as more important than Maths and English really got my goat.

I’m not for one minute suggesting ICT and knowing how to use computers is unimportant, but isn’t that a bit like people during the industrial revolution putting “how to use a spinning jenny” at the top of the list or someone in a coal-mining area saying “how to mine coal”?

If people really believe ICT is more important than Maths and English, perhaps they could answer the question of how they managed to read the story to find that out? How did someone manage to write it? How did the people putting the survey together for Crucial work out which percentages each subject received when they asked the 1,100 Britons to rank the three subjects they felt were most important? Come to think of it, how did they know they’d asked 1,100 people?

When they put the survey together, did they write the questions down for people to answer? If so, how did they write words, how did they know which words to write and how did they know what order to write them in? They may well have used a computer to write those questions on, but the fact is that without English, they wouldn’t have been able to use the computer to write them at all.

I don’t disagree with people who believe that when it comes to three letter acronyms, ICT is one of the most significant, but in the end, it’s the three ‘R’s that are still the most important.

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