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Going for gold takes serious effort

Gold medal winners put in years of preparation and the same is true of those leading the way in the channel

One of things that the commentators stressed again and again during the recent Olympics was that every competitor had spent four years getting ready to try and go for gold.

It reminded the viewers that although the athletes were supremely talented people they work hard before walking out in the stadium, velodrome and pools at Rio.

It reminded me of the channel which is often putting in the hours with vendor days, distributor seminars and boot camps and online training.

Events about managed services, the cloud and how to deal with changing business models are usually oversubscribed by resellers keen to develop their skills. That has been the case for the last few years as more and more people look to get themselves in the best position to deliver high quality customer service.

They have to invest the time in the training and knowledge gathering because the last few years has seen one of the most important periods in the channel's history as the transition towards managed services sweeps across the entire market.

To deliver a gold medal performance for the customer involves years of preparation and the best in the channel have been doing just that since the turn of the decade.

On the subject of winners, congratulations to all of those that won a MicroScope Award for Channel Excellence. This year saw another fine crop of resellers, distributors and vendors pick up their deserved recognition.

Well done to the resellers Softcat and NG Bailey. Distributors Exclusive Group and Tech Data. Plus the vendors: CyberArk, Veeam, Dell and Sophos.

We can all strive to go for gold and while we might not get a physical medal knowing that a job has been done well brings its own rewards.

Just remember that everyone has to work towards it and the time spent in preparation is vitally important as the highly successful Team GB has shown in Rio.

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