Exinda threatens to give the Cloud a right stuffing

Adam Davison

Adam Davison: now, where do I know that name from?

Anyway, Davison is the new VP of something at Exinda (Davison. Davison... that's going to bother me now) which claims to have invented a new genre of networking product.

The sheer volumes of network traffic created by the cloud will soon burst the limits of broadband and every company in the land will spend £50 per user a year on trying to optimize their WAN traffic.

This will create a £4 billion global market for WAN optimization. Or rather, the optimisation  of WAN optimization. Because WAN Optimisation already exists.

That's what companies like Expand and [oh, what was the other one?] do. But not perfectly, evidently.

Which is why we need Exinda, which gets better performance out of the existing WAN optimizers, by dint of its integration, data visibility and control. For example, Exinda will free up broadband space by filtering out the malware and the spam.

Expand Networks! That's it. That's where I know Davison from. I think he was the channel manager or VP of something. Quite a sociable sort.

He's a cheeky monkey isn't he? One minute he's telling us Expand is the greatest invention since Penicillin, now he's telling us he knows how to fix its limitations.  He should go into politics.

Adamson and company will be appearing at the IP Expo show from tomorrow.  It might be worth looking him up as he's always got a good story to tell. (He ought to anyway.)

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