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Dell resellers get to say 'I told you so'

Those resellers that embraced Dell when it returned to the channel almost eight years ago have even more reasons to think they made a wise decision

If you were one of those resellers that signed up with Dell almost eight years ago when the vendor made a return to an indirect model life must be feeling pretty good right now.

At the time there were plenty of people talking about the vendor's love of the direct model and its harsh treatment of the channel in the past, but some were prepared to make official a relationship that was becoming ever more important.

Not only has the vendor kept to its work and embraced the channel driving millions of pounds of revenue through partners but since it went private two years ago there have been further reasons to feel cheerful as the focus on resellers and distributors kept building.

Now the announcement to acquire EMC potentially gives those have specialised on Dell the opportunity to take even more hardware and services to market once the acquisition is closed next year.

Already the signs are that the channel will play a major role with Michael Dell referencing them several times on a conference call with press and analysts as he nd his intention seems to be one pushing EMC into the mid-market.

Although that is not virgin territory for the storage giant the tone on the call was that with the experience of Dell in that space, the channel as well as its existing customer base would make it more of a success.

The other positive for Dell partners was the justification for the deal as a move that would put the combined Dell/EMC operation in a better position to meet the needs of those customers making moves to the cloud.

The words ‘business transformation’ cropped up a few times as did the view that whether it was hybrid or full blown cloud there were opportunities for the combined company to make a better stab of taking market share as a single operation.

For those EMC partners these should also be interesting times because there should be the prospect of widening their product portfolios and expertise. The new company will not only hit hardware, storage, data management and virttualisaton but with RSA and SonicWall also has a very strong security play.

Today might be one that is remembered because of the price tag of the deal, at $67m the largest IT buy yet, but for those that eight years ago decided to pass on the Dell opportunity it could also be a moment when they look back and wonder if they made the right decision. Time seems to keep showing them that they didn’t.

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