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Could Siri be a life saver?

Siri might have more uses than just interrupting music and answering silly questions muses Billy MacInnes

I as mowing the lawn yesterday, taking advantage of one of the few good days we’ve had this summer, and trying to listen to music on my iPhone which was in my pocket. Unfortunately, I kept inadvertently activating Siri, interrupting my listening pleasure and forcing me to stop the mower, take the phone out of my pocket, go out of Siri and press play on my music again.

This happened a number of times, enough to become annoying. In my irritation, I failed to appreciate the life-saving potential of Siri if I had been involved in a serious lawn-mower related accident that had rendered me incapable of pressing any buttons on my phone.

Now, thanks to a story on the web site of WZTV FOX 17, my eyes have been opened to Siri’s life preserving qualities.

The story concerns an 18-year old man in Murfreesboro, Tennessee working on his truck who was left helpless when it fell on him and trapped his arms. The man tried calling for help but there was no response.

And then, as if by a miracle, he heard the sound of Siri being activated on the phone in his back pocket. According to the report, “the man was able to "push up on his hip" to activate Siri and requested a 911 call. He finally heard dispatchers on the line and received the help he needed”.

Thanks to his Siri “butt dial”, the man was saved. Of course, there are going to be cynics out there who think this whole story has more to do with the product of a bull’s butt than a man’s but this is not the first time Siri has helped to save a life. For instance, there’s the story of the high school student with frost-bitten hands who was able to use Siri to call for help. It is also credited with helping a two year old girl make a 911 call when her mother fainted.

As for me, while I can’t say Siri has saved my life, I suppose I should be grateful that it did cut in that time when one of my daughter’s Taylor Swift tracks started playing on my phone.

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Those people were extremely fortunate. I've never owned an iPhone, but based on my experience playing around with a friend's, I'd really hate to have to rely on Siri in a life or death situation.