Column: How will you celebrate world backup day?

Some cynics said it would never take off, but World Backup Day has really caught the public's imagination.

Some cynics said it would never take off, but World Backup Day has really caught the public's imagination.

After an email - Hi Booth, join the celebrations with Mozy - went viral, world back up has gone mainstream. Everyone, from Dale Winton to the Dalai Lama, is taking to Twitter to announce their storage celebration strategy to their followers.

Falling, as it does, the day after National Cleavage Day, the SME data strategy revelries are a blessed relief for glamour model Jordan. The solemnity of Cleavage day is in marked contrast to the sheer unbridled joy of being able to leverage the facilitisation of consumerisation for data back, a spokesman says.

Mozy, the world's most trusted provider of data protection and availability for consumers and businesses, or so it claims, released new statistics that would surprise a small business owner such as Jordan. One-third of SMEs allow employees to select their own method of backup for their data at work. Jordan might not be everybody's cup of tea - she certainly has her knockers - but nobody could deny that she doesn't keep a tight rein on her business.

We're sure that Jordan would urge all SMEs to read Mozy's blog which urges businesses to take responsibility for data protection.

Meanwhile, NetIQ's Mike Robinson has spoken movingly about the need for a back up and disaster recovery strategy. Harrowing news footage of the incident when a case study with track changes inputed by 10 different PR and marketing executives went missing forever, will have moved many freelance copy writers to tears.

They would no doubt endorse Robinson's words, when he urges people to align their back up strategy with their business requirements. "Have a recovery strategy," he says, "and make sure you can restore." Words we can all agree on, in Britain's increasingly diverse community, which has to deal with escalatingly competitive business.

I'm going to have a quiet one this year.

But how are you celebrating world back up day?

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