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Channel matchmaker on MariaDB

It’s big, it’s robust and it’s all over the place! Meet MariaDB

Open source distributed database developer MariaDB has won $12 million in venture capital, having impressed investors by doubling its channel income a year.

It is one of many companies – see also NuoDB and a variety of other software vendors with a DB suffix – that are aiming to create cloud friendly databases. The challenge is to be both all over the place (as in having data on servers that could be spread across the globe) and completely reliable. Maintaining integrity, under the circumstances of cloud computing, is a difficult trick to pull off. How do you make sure every single transaction is recorded in order, to the exact millisecond, when potentially bezillions of records are being altered every day? Somehow, the inventors of Blockchain have pulled this off and so have MariaDB and NuoDB, apparently.

Now that MariaDB’s channel manager Paul Phillips has $12 million, he probably has the budget to train some new partners in the mysteries of building and selling database services.

Philips is VP of Sales for EMEA and APAC having joined from HortonWorks. You may know him from previously roles at Composite Software, Thunderhead, and IBM spin off Watchfire.

Eight new partners have already been signed across Europe but only one, Quru, is UK based. So there is still plenty of scope for anyone who thinks they can educate buyers in big organisations about enterprise-grade open source systems. MariaDb was built by the creators of MySQL, which it has supplanted as the default database in all major Linux distributions including Red Hat and SUSE. It’s also included in cloud stacks including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Rackspace.

I just wish they had some snappier quotes. If you’re going to sell something complex and techie and ethereal, it helps if you can be grounded with a few witty comments. Otherwise potential channel partners can become mesmerized. Come on MariaDB, don’t just show us the money, show us the funny!

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