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Channel matchmaker: Two to take a look at

The firms looking for channel partners continue to keep coming with Nick Booth highlighting a couple of potential opportunities

Two companies, Malwarebytes and Bloomreach, have got $50m each to expand into the UK. But they’ve got very different approaches.

First, Malwarebytes - what a great name! Unlike most IT companies, it does exactly what their name implies. It sinks its teeth into malware. I like that no-nonsense approach in a company, but it’s all too rare in the IT business. So, let’s be inspired by the example of Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes, and get straight to the point.

Malwarebytes has got $50m burning a hole in its pocket, after impressing the judges from Fidelity Management and Research in a round of Series B funding.

Kleczynski started the company at 16, and he’s now 26 and his company issued bills for $100m in 2015 because Malwarebytes software ran on 250m unique endpoints. It has grown in size for 31 consecutive quarters, so it must be a good bet. It keeps winning business because Malwarebytes had got a taste for rogue software that other antivirus companies can’t digest. It has a couple of UK resellers, Blue Solutions and Kite, but isn’t likely to be over distributed.

Meanwhile personalisation specialist Bloomreach has got $56m to spend on creating a channel for its e-commerce systems, thanks to backers such as Bain Capital, Lightspeed and Salesforce Ventures. This is a less straightforward proposition to understand.

The channel managers at Bloomreach will know how to push themselves because this is a marketing technology company, which has invented a way to demystify and simplify the way companies can get discovered by search with a single personalisation platform. Its two main applications, BloomReach Commerce and BloomReach Compass can boost online sales up to 40%, it claims.

It’s all done by algorithms. Well that and channel partners. E-commerce is a $3.5 trillion market that’s driven by marketing technology. Personalisation systems, like Bloomreach’s, will be the key to unlock all that revenue, claims technology venture capitalist Neeraj Agrawal, general partner at Battery Ventures.

Marketing technology is a ten billion dollar opportunity according to BloomReach CEO Raj De Datta. That’s got to be worth a punt, surely.

Malwarebytes, though, does exactly what it says on the tin. Well, is quite refreshing in the baffling smoke and mirrors world of cloud computing.

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