Channel checklist: building the ideal network

James Arnold Roberts of Genius Networks identifies some of the hurdles that resellers will need to overcome to ensure they provide the customer with the ideal networking solution

Offering complete data, voice and application network solutions: 

Resellers need to and want to provide IT and comms solutions, but frequently don’t have the experience or confidence to deliver both.

As more businesses want virtualised, hosted and cloud solutions, resellers can form partnerships to ensure they can offer the relevant expertise.

International connectivity:

Few providers can truly provide a complete SIP solution for the UK, Europe and beyond. There is a growing desire and need for resellers to expand globally, but they are often limited by their inability to deliver on international connectivity.

Managing latency:

One of the biggest barriers to delivering business communications overseas is voice and data  latency. By working with an aggregator that combines global hubs and best-of-breed carriers means a reseller can promise a smoother user experience and superior voice quality.

Providing transparency to all elements of the solution:

Transparency helps the reseller communicate a clear picture of the status of a complex solution to the customer. It reassures the customer that they are getting the most appropriate and best-value solution.

Speed of information and delivery: 

To fulfil all of this, the reseller needs to partner with an aggregator that can deliver true convergence of voice, data and applications on a single network managed from a central NOC and supported by a single, end-to-end SLA.

Pricing and provisioning portal:

A portal can eliminate the complexity of managing multiple providers, presenting one version of the truth.

James Arnold-Roberts is director at Genius Networks

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