Apprentice latest. Vincent Disneur squeezes in a quick plug (and a couple of oranges)

Breaking news this afternoon from the world of The Apprentice, where it emerges the BBC may have unwittingly violated its rules on advertising.

Breaking news this afternoon from the world of The Apprentice, where it emerges the BBC may have unwittingly violated its rules on advertising.

As I'm sure you know by now, the networking and comms industry is again respresented in this year's series in the shape of one Vincent Disneur, theatre buff, film fanatic and international playboy, who is in charge of sales at comms billing software firm Union Street.

In his official Apprentice diary, it now emerges that Vincent managed to sneak not one, but four plugs into last night's show.

As the boys' team struggled to put a name to their outfit, it was Vincent who stepped up first, suggesting Ability as the perfect moniker.

Turns out Union Street's flagship software product just happens to be called aBILLity.

Network Noise can't think how that happened!

Although Vincent was outvoted in favour of Team Logic, you've got to admire the cheeky plug. I hope Auntie sees it the same way.

Hamstrung by their decision to elect an accountant in the midst of a mental crisis as their team leader, Team Logic lost the first of Lord Sugar's tasks by a good hundred pound margin.

But maybe I was too hasty in pulling up Vincent for his self-declared good looks. After last night's edition I'm beginning to wonder if he might be working his magic on one Karren Brady, who was heard to remark that the ladies seemed quite taken with his impressive ... er ... sales technique.

Speaking in the wake of the team's defeat this week, Vincent told Network Noise: "Wonderful experience, hope I came across as one of the good guys, lots more fun to come. Edward got eaten alive by the Lord."

This was last published in May 2011

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